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The Symco Shakedown is a huge outdoor car show and live music festival featuring vintage hot rods and custom cars driven here from all over the Midwest. A few years back, a friend labeled it "Summer Camp For Hot Rodders" and for many, that is exactly what it is. 

Hidden in rural central Wisconsin, the Shakedown takes place in historic "Unionville." Unionville is located in the township of Union.  Symco is the unoffical "county seat" of Union. You may or may not find it on any map or GPS. 

Over the years we have heard plenty of unique pronouniations and different names for our event. We guess that the mistaken name is due to the fact we do very little advertising. It is not the Suamico Shakedown, nor Simeco.  It is pronounced "simco."  It is also the Shakedown, not the Showdown or the Shake-up.  The Shakedown is a unique gathering of cars, culture and music that just has to be experienced in person. When you get here, you will understand why it is so special, to so many people.





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