Symco Shakedown


Welcome to the Symco Shakedown. Pronounced “simco”

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Voodoo Larry and his band won 
the world’s largest lighter built by
the Oliver Built Group from Iowa.

Shakedown #5 is old news!  Thank you to all who attended in 2013.  We did not see any rain, that is a first for Symco! 

Show dates are Aug 8th and 9th, 2014.  WE DO NOT CHARGE TO SHOW YOUR RIDE.   Weekend admission is $20, daily admission is $10. this gets you 100% access to the show. Show hours are 8am to 11pm, both days. Again, we will see dozen of bands performing on three stages! 

We still want old school! There will be very little change to our criteria for 2014.  If you question as if your vehicle will get in, take a black and white photography of it.  If you can fool your grandfather that he took it in 1959, you should be okay.  If it looks like Boyd Coddington printed his wheel and accessory catalog in black and white, sorry.  We are looking for vehicles modified in a period correct/traditional feel!  We try not to let in stuff that doesn’t fit our theme...but remember we reward you for driving your old ride, so we do still have our parking area for other show vehicles. We want the grounds to feel as if you were walking down a main street in 1964 or before.  Not that we don’t like modern styled cars, muscle cars, or stock appearing vehicles, we just don’t want them parked in our vintage town during our traditional/custom show. The guy parked next to you that wants the photos of his car to look just right VERY much appreciates it when you follow the rules. If you think we have some ego or we are trying to be elitists, you are greatly mistaken. It is a themed show, just as if you went to an all mustang or corvette show.  If you can’t respect that, this is not the show for you. Take a look at our photos page if you are not familiar with our show.

If you have a 1948 or older stock appearing vehicle you are welcome. New for 2014, REAL survivor cars are welcome.  Meaning original, as sprayed on the assembly line, paint with untouched interior and possibly even tires that are from the period.  If you have a car that is factory “as built” and NOT restored or repainted, you are welcome.  Also, our “hide it” and you will get in rule will be tossed out the window.  Too many people have been hiding the same RWL tires or the same LED third brake lights for too long and the rule has been abused. 

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CALLING ALL CAR CLUBS!!!  We are in need of your help!  We want your participation.  Come as a club and get some recognition.  If you come as an organized club, we will try our best to give you parking as a group. Bring your tent, table, club sign or any other club colors and display them proudly.  We ask that you build, beg, buy, borrow or steal a trophy to give out to your favorite car/person from the show.  We will present these about 6pm in the dance hall on Saturday.

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